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Gebied: 108,71 km²
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omtrek : Bundesamt für Naturschutz
The Eifel National Park, which was founded in 2004 and spans some 110 square kilometres, is still classed as a “National Park in development”. Conservation areas within this category have thirty years to allow at least three quarters of the area to return to nature – it is only then that they fulfil the international National Park criteria. And over half of the area is already operating in line with the National Park motto “Let nature be nature”; in other words, humans are leaving nature to live by its own rules. This allows thousands of endangered animal and plant species to propagate in the special and newly created habitats. Thus, rare animal species like black storks, Eurasian eagle owls and wild cats can find the safe havens vital to their survival in the Eifel National Park. Protecting the natural environment, including these habitats and their inhabitants is the main objective of the Eifel National Park.Experience the fascinating process of the newly developing wilderness at close quarters! Watch wild animals, roam the natural beech and mixed forests, and enjoy magical panoramic views of the impressive lakelands or the open grassland of the Dreiborn Plateau. Discover the region under your own steam or enjoy a guided tour by one of our expert rangers or forest guides. There is plenty to discover – whatever the season! Enjoy your experience!


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