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Mountainbiking · Davos Klosters
Gotschna Freeride Trail
Top S2 difficult
4.8 km
1:00 h
5 m
590 m

This spectacular roller-coaster for mountain bikers is 6 km long. With over 200 banked curves, jumps and waves, the Freeride Piste goes all the way ...

Destination Davos Klosters
Mountainbiking · Flims Laax
Runca Trail (694)
Top S2 moderate open
12.1 km
1:00 h
758 m
758 m

The Runca Trail has been awarded the label "Flow Country Trail" by the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association). With a length of 6 ...

from Martina Tresch,   Flims Laax Falera Management AG
Mountainbiking · Flims Laax
Never End Trail
Top S3 difficult
7.2 km
0:25 h
1 m
1,127 m

The freeride route from Crap Sogn Gion to Laax offers pure action. The 7-kilometre-long route is technically challenging and offers an absolute ...

from Martina Tresch,   Flims Laax Falera Management AG
Mountainbiking · Arosa
Hörnli Trail
Top easy
6.8 km
0:31 h
1 m
590 m

The Hörnli Trail is a blue flow trail line and leads from the Hörnli mountain station 6.8 km down towards the valley station.

from Nicole Hemmi,   Arosa Lenzerheide
Mountainbiking · Albula
S2 moderate
2.8 km
1:29 h
0 m
407 m

Die Primeline ist eine klassische Freeridestrecke mit Anliegern und Sprüngen. Die PRIMEline ist die beliebteste Strecke im Lenzerheide Bikepark.

from Ferienregion Lenzerheide,   Arosa Lenzerheide
Mountainbiking · Vaz/Obervaz
SHOREline / STYLEline
S4 difficult
0.7 km
0:03 h
0 m
101 m

Trail with big jumps, drops and wooden ladders as known from the Vancouver Northshores.

from Pascal Krieger,   Arosa Lenzerheide
Mountainbiking · Chur
Brambi Flow (701)
Top S1 easy
2.4 km
0:10 h
0 m
407 m

The Brambi Flow is a freeride flowtrail in the upper section of the Alpenbikepark Chur.

from Michael Christ,   Chur Tourismus