The Outdooractive Map

The Outdooractive map is based on official geodata. We offer a defined and prepared route network for many activities as well as relevant tourist information from our partners delivering reliable route planning. In comparison to other digital maps, we offer a unique display of the terrain- available in both summer and winter formats.

Where does the data come from

We use the official geodata of national organizations (e.g. national mapping agencies) in Germany, Austria and Northern Italy as well as those in Switzerland (swisstopo), France (IGN).

In order to offer a worldwide outdoor map, we derive data from the OpenStreetMap database.

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How geodata is used to create a map

We build in official geodata with accurate route networks and terrain details to form a uniquely detailed map.

The creation and optimization of these networks is based on reliable data we obtain from our partners, who are responsible for creating and maintaining the route infrastructure on site. The result is a topographically exact and digital picture of the outdoor activities available.

Quality tourist information from the platform also contributes to the maps completion. These include POIs (Points of Interest) that fall in categories such as commercial, landscape, religious sites, castles and forts, leisure, traffic, infrastructure and mountain huts.

The Outdooractive map is an ever growing product that is constantly being developed with the help of our users and customers. In order to continuously improve the quality and usability of the map.

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