My Map

The "My Map" feature lets you create an individualized map. Select content from routes, destinations, and many other categories, and then add them to My Map so they then also display in real-time. 

You can use the My Map feature from any map view on the platform, display your personalized content on the map with one click, helping you to plan and organize with ease. 



Adding content to My Map

Whether you are just browsing content or you have something specific you want to save, just one click on the My Map button allows you to add content that is important to you, directly to your map view.

The button is displayed on the map as a small 'M'. If you have already added a specific piece of content to My Map, this will be verified by a tick mark on the relevant content. 


Activating and deactivating My Map

The 'My Map' feature is available as part of the main map icon and content's detail page and can be easily activated and deactivated. It is found by clicking on the 'Features' button (displayed as three dots on top of one another) at the bottom right of the map view followed by 'My Map', which activates the view and shows all items, which you can then remove individually if required. 

Modifying existing routes with My Map

You can modify existing Routes, Tracks and Plans, by adding them to your My Map, activating My Map in the Route Planner and editing the route. You can extend, shorten, reverse or change the route to your requirements.

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