How do I determine my current position and align my view on the map?

Establishing your location and aligning the map to your direction of view.

How it works

To determine your position on the map, tap first of all on the "Map" tab and then on the circle in the lower left corner, which looks like a target.  A blue point will then appear that shows and tracks your position. Tapping again on the target symbol will align the map in the direction you are facing.

Tapping anywhere on the map will switch the display to full screen mode so that you can zoom in and out. Tap again to exit this. 


  • Check your Settings to see if the determining your location is permitted → iOS: “Settings“ → “Privacy“ → “Location Services“ (here you can also adjust each app individually / → Android: “Settings“ → ”Privacy” → “Location services“
  • iOS: To record tracks, you need to set the permission for it to operate in the background (“Settings“ → “General“ → “Background App Refresh”
  • Android: Check in the location settings of your smartphone to see if "High accuracy" has been selected.
  • The power saving mode should always be deactivated when the GPS signal is on and you want your location to be displayed (especially when recording). Due to the higher battery consumption, this will often switch off the location detection.
  • In general, a weak GPS signal can lead to dropouts. The best thing to do is to check regularly whether the signal is good and don't stow your smartphone too deep in your backpack.

Good to know

This function requires a lot of battery power and should not be used on a permanent basis.  Because of this, the automatic location tracking stops when your phone's display is off.  Please note that it may take a moment for your current location to be found and shown after switching your display back on and returning the map.