How can I save battery power when using the App?

We did a lot of testing to find the best balance between accuracy and power consumption. However, it won´t come as a surprise that your battery consumption during recording and navigating tracks and routes is much higher than when using the app without GPS positioning. Keep reading to learn some of the ways you can keep your battery lasting longer.  

How to save battery

  1. On iOS devices you can decrease the GPS accuracy. This feature is not yet available on Android devices.
  2. Darken the screen.
  3. Close other apps that are open at the same time.
  4. Remember that taking pictures uses a lot of battery. If you take a lot of pictures with your smartphone's camera during the route, this will use up the most battery.
  5. Make sure you have activated 'offline mode' if you have saved the route or map section offline (Pro function). This means no unnecessary data will be reloaded, so less battery is used.

Tracking and battery saving

It's really important to remember that when you are recording a track your device needs regular GPS locations. Any type of battery-saving settings on your device will seriously interrupt this process and can result in a bad track. Outdooractive supports over 1600 devices so it would be hard to include a list of device-specific advice here. A quick search of the internet for your device can really help. Many users have also found the site very useful for identifying device-specific settings which may be causing your device to interrupt a track recording. 

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