Creating and Managing Collections

Our collections help you compile and sort your favorite content. They are a way of making sure you always have access to the items you're working on or need for planning your trips. You can publish your collections within your profile for the use of other Community members or send private links to your friends and family.

Collect, be inspired and plan your vacation

Collections let you compile different types of content which you can then share on the platform or via social media channels. If you like another user's collection, you can give it a star rating so why not head to your profile page to start creating your own. 

Creating and publishing collections

The "Collections" option is displayed on your profile page. This is where you go to view content you have bookmarked and where you manage existing collections or create new ones.

There are two preset collections ("Previously completed" and "Want to go") that are there to help you with the preparation and follow-up of your trips.

To create a new collection simply click on the "New collection" button. As soon as you have added a title, you will be prompted to input more information. Start by adding a cover image and writing a short description.

Items that can be added to your collections include routes and points of interest as well as bookable trips, events, accommodation, and mountain huts. A colection must contain at least one entry for you to be able to publish it.



Making your collections available to other users

To make your collections available to other users, you have two options:
Sharing your list with your friends via a private link without publishing them
Publishing your list to make it accessible to all Community members.

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