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«Home of Trails»-Challenge: Mountain bike 120 km within Graubünden in July and August

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Graubünden is the perfect playground for mountain-bikers- no matter what style you're into. Be inspired by Claudio Caluori's 100 route tips and Register for the Challenge:

120 km in Graubuenden
01.07.2021 to 31.08.2021 Ended
Mountain Biking Long-Distance Mountain Biking
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Graubünden Ferien 


Qualifying Regions

Rules and Regulations

We are raffling 5x cycling vacations in the Graubünden “Home of Trails” Challenge among all participants who successfully manage to ride a mountain bike at least 120 km within Graubünden during July and August.

Recording your tracks is very easy: simply download the Outdooractive app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and your adventure can begin.

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We are raffling 5x cycling vacations in the Graubünden “Home of Trails” Challenge among all participants who successfully manage to ride a mountain bike at least 120 km within Graubünden during July and August.

Click here  for the prices.


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Terms and Conditions

Challenges are based on Central European Time.  To receive credit towards a Challenge the qualifying activity 'Mountain Biking'must be tracked in the Outdooractive app. Outdooractive community guidelines must be followed, including health and travel restrictions in your area.  Completing a Challenge goal does not automatically grant a prize. In the event of a prize giveaway, users who achieve the Challenge goal have the option to enter a draw. Prizes will not be given based on leaderboard position or first to complete the challenge but instead by random selection at the beginning of September. 
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Questions and answers

Question from Thomas Widler · August 04, 2021 · Community
Ich habe etliche Touren in den letzten 2 Wochen in Graubünden gemacht. Kann ich die GPX hochladen, so dass sie für die Challenge angerechnet werden?
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Answered by Matthias Schön  · August 04, 2021 · Outdooractive Editors
Hallo Thomas, leider können wir nur Touren zu der Challenge zählen, die auch mit unserer Outdooractive App aufgezeichnet wurden. Viele Grüße, Matthias
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Question from Sandra Arnolds · July 19, 2021 · Community
Klo reden Popri im io ich u der ruhig
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Question from nicolai andler · July 17, 2021 · Community
any chance of syncing the data into strava ??
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Answered by shreya gopal · July 17, 2021 · Community
i doubt it.
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